From our Insurer Fraud Hotline, to our APA Database, Public Outreach and Enforcement the APA is committed to protecting its members against Insurance Fraud


The APA has an insurer fraud hotline for property owners or their fiduciaries to report evidence of insurance fraud.

The APA connects potential fraud victims to local, state and Federal authorities.


APA provides a forum for all those who advocate for property insurance policyholders to meet, discuss and promote ways to improve insurance, and address the needs of policyholders at the time of loss. APA members have access to the forum organized by topic to exchange information regarding carriers and their practices, and also regarding individual engineers, adjusters, and attorneys working for carriers that may be of concern to policyholders.


As a nonprofit the APA keeps a library of free information for policyholders regarding the best practices on how to properly apply for benefits, and general advice on policyholder rights and obligations at the time of loss.

APA partners with United Policyholders (UP), a 501c3 that researches and publishes reports on issues of insurance coverage, the insurance claim process, repair and rebuilding following losses, and insurance regulation.

APA works with United Policyholders to collect, analyze, and report information about the extent to which insurance companies meet their responsibilities to their policyholders or fail to meet those responsibilities. The APA reports not only on bad practices by bad actors in the industry but also on good practices by good insurance companies with programs to promote honesty and integrity in the insurance process.


APA engages in public outreach through the promotion of town halls to inform the public about insurance company practices, and about needed information at the time of loss.

APA acts as a reliable source for news media to obtain information about how insurance works at the time of loss, the nationwide trends, and systematic conduct in the aftermath of loss events.


APA partners with United Policyholders for research and reports on the industry and other industry governing bodies. The APA works with Insurance Commissioners and State Attorney Generals to promote and establish standards of good conduct in the claims adjusting process. The APA cooperates with the licensing boards who monitor the good standing of engineers, adjusters, contractors, engineers and attorneys to promote best practices for the interests of policyholders in order to ensure fairness at the time of loss.


APA reports evidence of insurance fraud to Insurance Commissioners, State Attorney Generals, and other regulatory or law enforcement entities for criminal prosecution.

APA reports ethical or licensing violations to the licensing boards who monitor the good standing of engineers, adjusters, contractors, engineers and attorneys.


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