The objectives of this Code are:

a) To pledge to act as fiduciary placing interests of policyholders first

b) To promote better, more informed relations between members and their customers;

c) To improve consumer confidence in the industry;

d) To foster collaborative relationships among professionals servicing the policyholder that are based on mutual respect, cooperation, and professionalism.

  • I believe that each of us, as individuals and organizations, owe our community, colleagues, customers and each other a duty and responsibility to conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner.
  • I understand that, as a member of the American Policyholder Association, I will be held to the very highest standards of ethical conduct, always placing the best interests of the policyholder as my number one priority.
  • I pledge to disclose all conflicts of interest to the policyholder as soon as they arise. This will be done in a clear, understandable manner and I will not proceed with business until the policyholder has acknowledged & consented.
  • I will conduct myself at all times in a manner that reinforces the values of the APA and will not participate in any action or conduct that does harm to the APA’s reputation.
  • I understand that the American Policyholder Association retains the exclusive, indisputable right to revoke my membership if I have been found to violate any of the tenets set forth in this pledge.

To further express my commitment to the Principles of Skill, Responsibility and Integrity, on behalf of myself, my company/organization and all partners, employees, and affiliated parties, I pledge to conduct all business according to the following standards:

I will treat policyholders as I desire and expect to be treated by them.

I will put safety and compliance with codes, laws and regulations above profit.

I will respect and protect the environment.

I will do my best to produce quality projects on time, at good value.

I will assume responsibility for my actions.

I will maintain in good standing all appropriate and necessary licenses and insurance.

I will comply with all laws and regulations of the jurisdiction and of the industry in which I work.

I will communicate fairly and accurately with my customers with respect to the scope and quality of all work agreements.

I will answer fully all customer concerns before, during and after the work and to act promptly on all customer complaints so they are resolved to the customer’s reasonable satisfaction.

I will endeavor to persuade others within my organization and all for whom I am responsible to embrace these standards.
I am committed to raising standards of service to my customers.

I will be open, fair, and honest in dealings with customers and commit to high standards.

I will ensure that Employees and Authorized Representatives will also conduct their services in an honest, efficient, fair and transparent manner.

I will make sure that employees and Authorized Representatives will receive adequate training to carry out their tasks and functions competently.

I will accept full responsibility for the quality of workmanship and materials;

I will handle any complaint about the quality or timeliness of the work or conduct in a timely fashion and to my customer’s satisfaction.

I will monitor my system of handling complaints & where an error or mistake in handling complaints is identified, I will immediately initiate action to correct it.

I will interact with other APA members in a professional, courteous, and ethical manner and will do everything possible to resolve any disputes amicably to the reasonable satisfaction of all parties.

I will promptly notify the appropriate representative of the American Policyholders Association of any unresolved customer complaints, business related legal, civil, or licensing actions against myself or my company.

I will promptly notify the appropriate representative of the American Policyholders Association if I become aware of any member of the APA violating the tenets of this pledge.


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