The American Policyholder Association is a watchdog organization that stands up for YOU, the consumer.

While Insurance companies have vast amounts of resources dedicated to protecting themselves from fraud, we are here to protect you, the average American who relies on that insurance to protect the lifestyle you worked so hard for.


Insurance companies have armies of lawyers, experts, and lobbyists doing their bidding – all paid for with your premium dollars.

Isn’t it time the policyholder had someone on their side?

The American Policyholder Association’s mission puts those that would cheat our members out of a fair claim on notice: American policyholders demand full and fair payment of the coverage they pay for.


The American Policyholder Association is a fiduciary of the property owner. Most people have the majority of their net worth in property.

Responsible property owners pay great sums of money each year for the security, peace of mind, and most of all, confidence that if they suffer a loss, an insurance company with be there on time to provide benefits.

The insurance industry is comprised of companies that honor the duty to pay benefits to the weakened policyholder, and companies that exploit this disparity of bargaining power.


In our quest for a more equitable & just treatment of the insurance consumer,
it is the needs of the individual policy holder that guides us and drives us forward.

Without the policyholder, this organization does not exist.

While the APA membership represents a diverse constituency, it is always our first priority to consider in all situations “What is best for the policyholder“.

It is this common purpose that unites us & leads us forward in fulfilling our mission to ensure that American policyholders get what they pay for: Security, peace of mind, & most of all, confidence. Confidence not only in an honest claims paying system, but also confidence in a fair method of resolving disputes, & an honest, ethical repair or rebuilding process.

The American Policyholders Association exists to ensure that no person or entity threatens our members’ indisputable rights to these critical protections.


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